Patch - The Official Rivelo Halley's Comet Campout

Patch - The Official Rivelo Halley's Comet Campout


SAVE THE DATE! The countdown is ON. Start your packing list, lube your chain, and air out your sleeping bag!

Ours is the only “Official” Halley’s Comet Campout, and you’ll need our patch to join the Inner Circle.

We will update you periodically as the date draws closer. You know the “When.” You’re the “Who.” We’ll fill you in on the “Where”. As for the “Why"?” Well, as the song says, “Seasons Come, Seasons Go,” but Halley’s Comet appears but once every 75 or 76 years. No comparison!

Invite your friends, but make sure they have patches, too.

Afraid you’ll forget? Get a patch as a reminder!

Just want to Support Your Local (Or Not So Local) Bike Shop, even though you have “other plans”?

Get a patch! Link below in Comments section. In the shop on Thursday.

Details: 3” across. 3” tall, too. Designed by Jon Grant in Austin (“Keep Austin Weird”) Texas.

Made by Walter of Falls Creek Outfitters in beautiful Pennsylvania, USA.
Event Hashtags: #officialrivelohalleyscometcampout
#wecalldibs #savethedate#thefinalcountdown #2061

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