John's Irish Strap

John's Irish Strap


Quick back-story:

When I/John worked at Rivendell, I was always saying to Grant,

”These Irish straps are the BEST thing that we sell!”

Well, we already had a Mark’s Rack and a Keven’s Bag, so when the next catalog was released, Grant had named them John’s Irish Strap(s) because of my sustained enthusiasm…and nothing else. I didn’t design them, and I’m only a little bit Irish, according to and my genealogist father.

Once you start using them, you will find that they are indispensable. Need to lash your tent onto to top of your saddle bag for an S24O? Slide a couple of Irish straps through the d-rings and cinch it down. Khakis one size too big. Makes a dandy belt up to 1 meter. Need an extra guy line for your tent? Ding, ding.

There are so MANY uses for them that they can’t all be named. Try searching #johnsirishstrap on Instagram for dozens of other ideas.

They’re 39” long. 40 with the buckle. If you buy one, you’ll wish you had bought two. Maybe three.

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