Copper Water Bottle

Copper Water Bottle


Note: IF you are ONLY ordering a bottle, PLEASE CHOOSE "BOTTLE SHIPPING" at check-out. Different rates for 1, 2, or 3-4 bottles. We're trying to get as close to what the Post Office charges us without going over.

IF you are ordering a bottle, plus other stuff, choose our Flat Rate or Two Day Air. Thanks!

Also: When you order two or more, and we'll throw in a Rivelo patch "at no additional cost."

Yes, it's solid copper. No, it's not insulated. They take on a great patina with regular use, as Big Diffy here can tell you. 

Fits standard water bottle cages. The only one we found that doesn't work with it is the Nitto Touring Cage. That's the one with the non-flexing solid ring around the top).

Comes with a hand-out detailing health benefits* and cleaning tips. To be super clear, we're not making ANY claims about said benefits. 

* Insert here: the usual FDA disclaimers. 

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