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403 SE Caruthers St, Suite 103
Portland, OR, 97214
United States


A bike and record store in Portland, Oregon. 

Cap -Limited Edition Randi Jo/Rivelo Collaboration


Things to buy if you live far away. 

Cap -Limited Edition Randi Jo/Rivelo Collaboration

RJF Rivelo.JPG
RJF Rivelo.JPG
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Cap -Limited Edition Randi Jo/Rivelo Collaboration


My mom brought this tweed back from Scotland 30+ years ago, but didn't get a chance to use it.

We sent the fabric to Randi Jo Fabrications, who made up 14 caps for us. (There is a longer version of this story, involving a lot of back & forth mailing, getting the chain stitching done in Portland, etc., but we'll spare you...)

13 caps sold locally before we could even think about getting them online. This is the last one.

It is Randi's 'regular" size. The remaining cap has an orange lining. All 14 have/had merino wool ear flaps, and "Rivelo 01" chain stitched on the left side panel. "01" signifies the first in -hopefully- an annual limited edition collaboration with Randi Jo. 

Once it's gone, it's gone forever. 

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