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403 SE Caruthers St, Suite 103
Portland, OR, 97214
United States


A bike and record store in Portland, Oregon. 

Bag- Sackville Grab Sack -Tan


Things to buy if you live far away. 

Bag- Sackville Grab Sack -Tan


Bag- Sackville Grab Sack -Tan


Sackville is Rivndell's brand name for all of their bike bags. Tightly woven dry waxed Scottish cotton sewn in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Not technically water proof, but certainly highly water-resistant. Great for a camera, a couple of PB & Js, and maybe even a tightly stuffed windbreaker.

Wear it as a shoulder bag, or -do like the designer- and cinch up the strap and use it as a big fanny pack. 

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