Rivelo Film Ride AKA Rivelo "Pedal Bikes, Shoot Film" Ride: Saturday, July 27

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Grab your camera. Hop on your bike. Meet at the shop at 11:30AM PDST. We’ll head out at High Noon.

We will ride with Will and Roman, creators of many of the fine film photos on the Rivendell Bicycle Works web site.

We will wend our way to Blue Moon Camera & Machine on Lombard Street in St Johns (North Portland).

Blue Moon is our favorite camera shop, and they employ some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable people you’d ever care to meet.

And their selection of cameras, film, accessories, and darkroom supplies can’t be beat!

We are guessing that if you are interested in a “film ride,” and you live in Portland, Oregon (and environs), you might already know about Blue Moon.

The ride will be leisurely, with plenty of pauses for photo taking and making. Midway-ish, there will be a 20 minute pit-shop at Golden Pliers, where you can grab a quick coffee, beer, and/or snack.

If you finish a roll or two along the way, there’s no better place to leave your film for developing and printing than Blue Moon.

You do NOT need a fancy film camera to be part of our ride. From Holgas to Hasselblads; ALL ARE WELCOME.

Several people have inquired about whether a film camera is necessary for participation in the ride. Absolutely not! That said, you WILL be surrounded by photographers, so you *can* reasonably expect that your photo could be “taken” at some point.

The ride *might* be more fun, though, if you DO have a camera with you. Old film cameras can still be found inexpensively, and a roll of film is only $5 to $10.

But Come One, Come All❗️

If you don’t have a camera, though, we promise that you WON’T feel like a person in a 3-piece suit on the Naked Bike Ride.

The ride is NOT a loop. There are plenty of great eating and drinking establishments in the Saint Johns neighborhood where the ride ends.

Questions? Call or email John:

971-266-3551 or bennett@rivelopdx.com

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