Our Exact Location

A view from above. 

A view from above. 

Our "legal" address is 2339 SE Grand Avenue. Using most GPS apps, though, that'll put you about where this picture was taken from: On the bridge above our heads. 

We use 401 SE Caruthers for our "actual" address because it makes more sense, real life map-wise. We're in the building behind 403 SE Caruthers near the corner of SE Water Avenue. Up until a few years ago, our place was a loading dock.

I met a guy who drove trucks for the company that owned it. He said it was really tricky to turn a big tractor-trailer around and back into what is essentially now our store. 

It can still be challenging to find us. If you need help, just call 971.266.3551 and we'll talk you in, or down (if you're on the bridge). 


John BennettComment