Second Anniversary Ride and Hang Out

We've just passed our 2nd anniversary, and we're hosting a ride here at the shop to mark the milestone on Saturday, June 24th

Being a second anniversary, we're toning it down a little bit, but we'll have hot dogs, beer, cold drinks, cupcakes, cookies, vegan options, and some music. 

There will be a ride, leaving from Rivelo at 12:45PM. A 10 mile loop mapped by our good pal, Smitty. 

Come by anytime between 12 and 4, though. The shop will be open and you can hang out with whomever doesn't go on the ride.

Grant, Mary, and Jenny from Rivendell will be here. It will be good to see them again.

Hope we see you, too.

And thanks for everything!

John & Darby



John BennettComment