Daylight Savings Time & The Ides of March

In the words of the late George Harrison while strumming his guitar in Eric Clapton's garden back in 1969, "It's been a long, cold, lonely winter." 

Almost every small businessperson we've spoken with in Portland echoes a similar sentiment. It's slow. It's dead. Traffic has dropped off. Way off. 

We've had enough sales to sustain us, though, and we appreciate everyone who came by in the last couple of months, especially in January, when the city of Portland ground to a standstill under a blanket of snow and ice. 

We're starting to have busier days. People are test riding bikes again. Or stopping by to restock on soap. 

Currently, we're here Friday through Sunday, with other days "by appointment." We should add 'no obligation.' 

Really. If you're passing through Portland, and you just want to check out the store, call and we'll make every effort to swing down and meet you if it's not one of our regular OPEN days. 

During our time away from the shop, we're planning. New merchandise. A better looking web site. More online stuff to buy because we recognize that not everyone lives in Portland. Or has time to come in, even if they do. 

Next Friday (March 17) marks the second anniversary of our lease signing. 

As I used to sign my in-house emails at Rivendell-




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