Winter Sock (And Other Stuff) Drive

Not sock-related, but quite a tree, eh? 

Not sock-related, but quite a tree, eh? 

We've been collecting socks for the local homeless shelter for the last week or so, and we've had a great response. Thanks to everyone who dropped something off. Two people we went to high school with in St. Louis saw the post, and they're mailing socks from Colorado and Illinois. Another nice guy sent a PayPal donation from Cleveland. 

This week, we're encouraging the donation of clean, non-hole-y underwear and travel toiletries. And socks.

Homeless people always need socks. Their feet get wet, especially in Portland. Their socks get wet and stay wet. 

We donate to the closest homeless shelter who, in turn, passes the donations along to the men and women who line up outside their door for a warm, dry place to sleep for the night. 

If you've got some socks/underwear/sweaters/travel toiletries, drop them by during regular business hours, and we'll get them where they need to go. 

Many thanks, 

John and Darby

John BennettComment