One Year Later

In some ways, it seems longer, and in others, like "the blink of an eye." We opened May 23, 2015, and had our Grand Opening a month later. Fast forward, and it's mid-July, 2016. 

We've certainly met some great people, and our pals at Rivendell Bicycle Works have been a big help in getting things off the ground. 

Grant Petersen has been up three times, most recently with his wife, Mary, for our One Year Anniversary and Ride. A great turn-out for both.

Now, the trick is getting our name out there and KEEPING it out there. Next week, we're running an ad in the Portland Mercury. They're doing a special bike section, so it seemed like a good thing to try. 

If you've come in - or logged on - in the past year, then thanks! 

It's the oldest cliche in retail, but we wouldn't be here without you.

More soon!



John BennettComment