Boxing Day, 2016

When I/John was a kid, and saw "Boxing Day (UK)" on the calendar, I assumed that there was some sort big day of boxing/fisticuffs in England. Like a national match, or something.

I didn't know about servants and the upper classes and the latter giving gifts to the former. I'm from St. Louis; we didn't even have a yard man. 

One thing I notice about blogs, whether they're stand-alone or tied to a site with a store, is that they often go quiet after a few well-intentioned posts. Even with otherwise active web sites and online stores.

Grant and Dave are an exception with Rivendell's Blug. Always good reading there. 

Here at Rivelo, we tend to rely (perhaps too heavily) on Instagram and Facebook to get the word out. That seems to be where our customers gravitate, so we devote the bulk of our "promotional" time and dollars to those outlets. We've dabbled in Twitter, but have yet to get a feel for it. 

We just finished our second Christmas season here. To paraphrase Keith Richards, "We're glad to be here. We're glad to be anywhere."

We are glad to be 100% self-employed after almost two years. Between our B & B, The Knotty Grotto, and Rivelo, we're still happily skating along the razor's edge of the DIY dream. Nerve-wracking and fun. Often at the same time. 

If you've come by this year, or logged on, or followed, we're appreciative.

2017 is going to be an interesting year, of that we are certain. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood. Always look forward to seeing people in person and checking in. 

All the best,

John & Darby
Portland, Oregon

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