Who we are. And who we Are NOT.

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We are the only Rivendell Bicycle Works dealer in the Pacific Northwest. We carry their bikes, their bags, their clothes, and many of the accessories you see in the RBW catalog. 

We are also the only Rivendell dealer anywhere who only carries Rivendell bicycles. No other brand darkens our door. There are lots of other good bikes out there, but we like Rivendell best.

That said, we are an independent LLC (Limited Liability Company), and therefore, not part of Rivendell, “legally speaking.”

John, the quy who you see most often at Rivelo, was a Rivendell employee for twelve years (2000-2012), so hopefully he picked up a thing or two in all that time.

We are Portland's most "specific" record shop: We only sell new Bob Dylan LPs.

We have a lending library. It, too, is pretty focused. Books about Bob Dylan and old Rivendell Readers and catalogs. Check ‘em out for 3 weeks. Bring ‘em back in one piece.

In addition, we are well-stocked with Rivelo exclusives like bandannas, patches, caps, and our own-brand of handmade soap.

Come see us in Portland. Our web shop remains woefully underdeveloped. We have a lot more in our brick & mortar store.